Normalcy returns to Beledweyne after armed clashes

PoliticsNormalcy returns to Beledweyne after armed clashes

Normalcy has returned to a town in central Somalia a day after rival forces clashed near Hirshabelle state presidential palace in Beledweyne town of Hiiraan region.

The forces at government headquarters in  Beletweyne have exchanged gunfire which lasted for about more than 15 minutes.

According to multiple sources, Monday’s confrontation between the rival soldiers has claimed the lives of two combatants and several others.

It is not clear what has motivated the clashes between the government soldiers in Lamagalay compound which is where the residential houses of Hirshabelle state President, his deputy, Hiiraan governor and mayor are located.

The clashes have lulled and business returned to normal as it is yet clear if the soldiers were allied to either President Ali Gudlawe or his deputy Yusuf Dabageed and neither leader has commented on the incident.

The two leaders have in recent days been at loggerheads over the conduct of the elections in Beledweyne.

Eleven seats out of 25 are yet to be filled.

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